If you’re looking for a great gift for a woman in your life this Christmas, then here are some top suggestions for the perfect present. Treat someone close to you.

Buying Christmas presents for women is tough. They’re a choosey bunch. Clothes are a minefield – they might not fit, or they might not match her taste. In general, most women prefer to choose their own clothes so they can match them with other potential outfits in their wardrobe.

You could try to get some idea of what perfume they like, or perhaps some hobby that they have or want to get into, but then, the surprise is sort of killed off when you’re making such enquiries two weeks before Christmas…

Then there’s tech. While gadgets and tech have traditionally been considered more of a male interest, that trend is changing now that tech is playing a more dominant role in our lives. Realistically, everyone appreciates stuff that is fun, looks cool, and makes our lives easier.

Best tech gifts for women this Christmas

Choosing the right tech gift is a combination of finding something that compliments a person’s interests, and just being a really fun and cool gadget. These suggestions tick those boxes for a lot of people out there – in fact, we’re definitely going to buy some of them ourselves.

HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer ($129)

Quite possibly the coolest tech gift that we’ve seen in a long time, the HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer is perfect for the Instagram lover or budding photographer in your life. It allows you to print out photos from your phone on water and tear-proof paper so that you can stick them up on your wall, give them to friends, or just keep them in your wallet.

This is a truly excellent gift for Christmas this year that combines older technology (Polaroid cameras) with modern tech and mobile photography. You can edit the photos in the Sprocket app before printing them, and you can even make them interact with Augmented Reality.

Samsung Galaxy Watch ($329)

The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes in a variety of styles, including a smaller pink or rose gold version that is well suited to many women. If you have someone in your life who you feel would appreciate a more feminine-looking smartwatch, then this is one of the best ones currently on the market.

Of course, the Apple Watch Series 5 is also a tidy option, but we chose the Galaxy Watch over the Apple Watch thanks to its more fashionable design. In other words, the Galaxy Watch doesn’t look like someone just shrunk an iPhone a stuck it to a strap. This earns it some points in our books. It’s also one of the top performing smartwatches on the market right now.

Tile Mate ($24.99)

If your special someone is constantly losing their keys or their purse, then this is the ultimate gift for them. The Tile Mate is a small keychain that you can attach to your car keys, or slide into your purse, and then you can make it ring from up to 200 meters away. This will ensure that your special woman never loses her keys again. This is such a useful gift that we’ve all been wishing for every time we lose our keys for years.

Oral-B White Pro Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush ($39)

Keeping those pearly whites pearl and white is important for anyone. The Oral-B White Pro Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush will help you to brush for a full two minutes by using a smart timer, and its light enough to take with you when you travel.

BellaBeat Wellness Tracker ($177)

This is truly a great gift for women. The BellaBeat Wellness Tracker is like a smartwatch that you can wear as a necklace. It monitors your vitals to keep you up to date about what’s happening inside you, but that’s not all this well-designed little thing can do. It can also monitor your menstrual cycle to ensure that you’re prepared for any bursts or droughts of energy that you might be feeling during a particular stage of the month. It also tracks your sleep and it is made out of ‘good charka’ crystals or stones. It’s perfect for anyone who is concerned about their wellness.

Shellac Nail Polish Kit (varies)

To get this kind of treatment can cost upwards of $100, so having a Shellac manicure lamp and a kit to go with it could bring you huge savings in the long run. This is a great gift for anyone who likes to do their own nails and while it isn’t the ‘techiest’ gift in the world, it’s still great for those special women in your life.

Apple Air Pods

A stylish pair of Apple Air Pods that are sweat proof and thus can be worn in the gym are ideal for anyone who listens to music while on the go. This makes them an ideal gift for Christmas time. Apple’s Air Pods have around five-hours of battery life, which should be enough for most people to make do with throughout the day. Of course, if you find yourself running low, then you can simply charge them up again in the charger case that comes with them.

Another great accessory to buy with this gift is a custom container or leather pouch for the rechargeable pod. Get them together to give a gift that keeps on giving.


Have a woman in your life that loves reading? The Kindle is the ultimate gift for book lovers and can actually save you tons of money in the long run, while also ensuring that you actually read while you’re out on the go. The Kindle is one of the most underrated tech devices on the market right now, and it makes for an awesome gift for a special woman in your life. Give the gift of knowledge this year and know that you’ve contributed to a better world by making more smart people.