Fortnite recently released a new update - The v11.50 update brought with it some much needed bug fixes related to FPS drops and in-game performance which a lot of players were very happy with.

Aside from the bug fixes, Epic Games also announced the start of their Winterfest event where players can get a ton of free presents straight from the Fortnite Team.

They also moved Playground under the Creative mode so be sure to check it out there. The last thing is one of the most interesting new additions to the game, the new Fortnite Battle Lab. The Battle Lab allows players to create their own games and invite their friends to play in it. It’s definitely an interesting concept and can definitely promote creativity among players.

Playground was probably moved to Creative since it features a more sandbox and free environment where players can easily collect materials and items, and simply practice their skill inside the Fortnite map. Another reason why it was moved was probably to make way for the new Battle Lab mode. The new Battle Lab mode is a new customizable mode that allows you to battle it out with up to 15 of your friends on your own private battle royal island.


You can finally find out who the best among the rest is and who will be the last one standing. Battle lab allows you to create and island where you can choose from different Limited Time Mode loot pool and create your very own mode by messing with gravity or fall damage. You can also choose to match make with other players, though you can only play with the default settings. Battle Lab enables players to experience Fortnite in entirely new ways, forcing players to adjust and think carefully before doing any moves. You set the rules, you play the game you want it to be played.

Play Fortnite on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, or PC now and start messing around with your friends in Battle Lab. Fortnite for Android users can be somewhat boring to install due to the extra steps you need to do but if you know the correct process you can easily install it in just a few minutes. Fortnite is not available on the Google Play Store due to some negotiations between Epic Games and Google so for now Android users will have to download the game straight from Epic Games. Open up your preferred mobile browser and then go to the Epic Games website here:


Once on the website you should be able to easily be able to see the Epic Games App. You then need to download the Epic Games App and install it to your phone. You might be prompted with some necessary security permissions, just accept them and continue with the installation. After you install the app simply open it up and you should then be able to see Fortnite and Battle Breakers, just click on “Fortnite” and then a new window should appear, tap on “Install” and accept the new storage permissions then wait for the process to finish. After downloading and installing the app, you should be able to launch it successfully.

Installing Fortnite on PC requires a similar set of steps. You need to open up a browser of your choice and then go to the Epic Games Launcher download link, which you can find here:

You then need to download and install the Epic Games Launcher. After you successfully install the launcher, open it up and then head on over to the “Store” tab. Search for “Fortnite” and then click on the “Get” option and follow the instructions you get prompted with. After you install Fortnite from the store, it should appear on your “Library” tab and then you can start playing the game. Fortunately, for iOS and console users the process is easier compared to Android and PC. You just simply need to visit your respective app store and then search for “Fortnite” there. Simply install it through your app store and then wait for the download to finish. After downloading you should now be able to play Fortnite. Experiment with your friends and try out the new Fortnite Battle Lab today.