Get ready for the most epic My Little Pony adventure on Android. Dress your pony and then go out exploring to save other horses in the city. Cutest game ever.

Okay girls, this one’s for you. If you love My Little Pony, or even if you’re new to the brand but you like cute games with horses and houses and fashion, then you’ll love this game for Android. The My Little Pony game lets you make friends with other cute ponies and then go out exploring around Equestria to help all the horses in the land.

You’ll need to farm resources, build a house of your own, and make friends with other Ponies in order to help every horse in the kingdom reach for its fullest potential. You’ll have to go on quests and confront villains from the My Little Pony TV show like Nightmare Moon, Tirek, and King Sombra.

While you’re out on quests you can meet up to 300 cool characters, including princes and princesses, adventuring ponies and other cute companions. Make friends with them all and they’ll help you to free the horses in the land and confront any villains along the way.

Invite your friends to join the fun

Team up with your friends in real-time with the My Little Pony mini-games. You can challenge your best friends to a game of bounce ball, or get funky with other horses in the Equestria girls dance off.

You’ll love making your very own pony home and decorating it just how you want. You can make your dream pony home and then show it off to your friends. You can also dress up your pony with the custom fashion options.

Give your pony a makeover and get them some royal clothes to wear to make them look fabulous. Then show your friends how cute your pony looks.

The My Little Pony game will bring you into the world of magic and cute ponies and will give you hours of entertainment along the way. Live out your dreams of trotting around the Crystal Empire or the Sweet Apple Acres and much more. There’s so much to explore in My Little Pony apk for Android and there are so many mini games to enjoy and cute ponies to meet.

You’ll love this cute and fun My Little Pony game. Enjoy!