Minecraft Redstone building can be quite complex if you don’t know exactly what you are doing.

It all starts from the 4 basic Redstone components which are the Redstone dust, Redstone Torch, Redstone Comparator, and the Redstone Repeater. These 4 components are what makes Redstone machine building in Minecraft possible but these components cannot work by themselves alone.

There are different ways to supply power to a Redstone, the most common ones being the button, lever or the pressure plate. The button generates power in pulses. Once you activate a button by clicking on it, it stays on for 10 ticks (1s) for stone buttons and 15 ticks (1.5s) for wooden buttons. After this, it cuts the power and any Redstone connected to it will power down.

Levers act like switches, when you activate a lever it will supply power and will stay on until you turn it off or cut off the Redstone connected to it. This can be used if you want to supply continuous power to a Redstone connection.

Pressure Plates turns on when an entity crosses or falls on top of it and then turns off when the entity is no longer there. This can be used for quick automated doors or a very simple trap for enemies.


Aside from the basic and common one, you also have some that are a little more rarely used such as the Block of Redstone, Daylight Sensor, and the Tripwire hook. The Block of Redstone is a solid block that provides constant power and is always on, no matter what. It powers any adjacent components and will continue to power it unless removed.

The Daylight Sensor is essentially a solar-powered block. It remains activated as long as it is exposed to the sky. It can be used to track the time and will power any adjacent Redstone dust to it.

Lastly, is called the Tripwire hook. A Tripwire hook needs to be setup for it to function properly. You need to put a Tripwire hook on two opposite ends, facing each other, and then put a string in the middle of them. When an entity crosses or falls on the line, and turns off when the entity is no longer on the line.

Try creating your own Minecraft Redstone Circuits using these power outputs today. Minecraft is available to play on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android and iOS.

For Android and iOS users simply go to your respective app stores, search for “Minecraft” and then proceed to pay and download the game. For console users, the process is very similar. You just need to go to your Nintendo eShop, Microsoft Store, or PlayStation Store and then search for “Minecraft” and then proceed to purchase, download, and install the game. For PC users, you can choose from 2 different methods. They can open the Microsoft Store by searching for it in


the Search bar or by going to the Start Menu. After that click on the store’s search bar and search for “Minecraft for Windows 10”, click on it and then click on the “Buy” button. You then need to pay for it by entering a few payment details, and then proceed to download the game. The other way is by going to the Minecraft website that you can find here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/. You then need to click on the “Get Minecraft” button, choose your platform, select your current operating system, and then pick your preferred edition. Afterwards, all you need to do is finish the payment process and download the game.