This article will provide you a comprehensive idea about the latest and massive Minecraft update which includes exciting features like cartography, pandas, new animals, bamboos, new Minecraft skins, new characters, new villages, new blocks, and many other things.

What is Minecraft?

In today's world, everyone has heard of Minecraft! It is one of the most popular video games available and is played by people widely all over the world. Minecraft is more than just a game and has taken over people's lives in a significant way. It allows individuals to create, visualize, and make a 3D environment using blocks. It is a survival game, and you need creative skills to play the game.

Minecraft's latest update

Minecraft keeps updating its game periodically. With each update, it brings about new and exciting features. Recently, there was a massive update on Minecraft. This update is being dubbed as version 1.14 and is being called the 'village and pillage.' This version has brought about a variety of new features. It includes cartography and an adorable panda. The cartography table is constructed with two paper and two planks. Ten new villages have also been added. The cartography table also provides a new map functionality and Minecraft map locking function. The pandas are also of different personalities and looks. As pandas love bamboo, it has also been added! Panda babies can also inherit specific personality traits through a special system. New Minecraft mods have also been added.

How To Get The Latest Minecraft Update?

To get the Minecraft updates, you need to pay an amount of money through the Minecraft server and purchase the update from the official Minecraft website. However, if you don't want to spend your money on an update, you can also get it for zero cost! One of the ways to get a taste of their new update is to become a beta tester for no cost at all! If you have Minecraft on your handheld device or PC, then you have a good chance that you will be able to play the newly updated game for zero cost. All you have to do is go the GooglePlay or your phone Play store and click on the button which says become a beta tester. Through this method, you will be able to see all the new updates that are available in the game. Although, since the beta version is a little unstable, you need to be careful while playing the game as it might occasionally crash. By becoming a beta tester, you can legally enjoy all the latest updates. You might also be able to enjoy the new features which have not been released in the market for the general public!

To Sum It Up

You can also get the new Minecraft updates for zero cost with the help of other websites. There are other unofficial websites through which you can install the new update on your device without any hassle. These websites will provide you with a package kit for the latest updates. All you have to do is install the package on your device and then save it. The new update also increases your game accessibility.  There's a new accessibility menu through which you can manually change some settings. It also provides users with a smooth game interface. All previous bugs have also been fixed in this new update. Hence, all the gamers and Minecraft fans should have the latest version to enjoy the game thoroughly. It is being hailed as the most significant Minecraft update ever!