There some problems that are very annoying especially when we encounter them at a bad time of the day. There are problems that you wish you just had a quick solution to, maybe you do though? Here are some life hacks that can help you solve your everyday problems.

Toothpaste Dispenser

Uncap the toothpaste tube and snip off the lid. Get a water gun and remove the tank. Put glue onto the end of the toothpaste cap and stick it to the end of the water gun. Screw the tube back in and push all the toothpaste inside the gun. You now have your own homemade toothpaste dispenser.

Quick Dry Soaked Shoes

If your shoes happen to get soaked by the rain or some other reason, a quick way to dry them is by using a hairdryer. A quicker way to dry them is by using some PVC pipes. Simply put one “L” shaped pipe in each of your shoes, and connect them using “T” shaped pipe. Put the hairdryer on the free end of the “T” pipe and turn it on.


Environment Too Bright for Phone Screen

There are times where the sun is just shining way too bright and you can’t see anything on your phone even if it is at max brightness. To prevent this from happening you can put your phone inside a dark colored plastic bag or inside a bag, and you can view it from there.

Aroma Diffuser

When you want a certain aroma to be in a room or if you want to eliminate the stench, you can use this simple trick to quickly spread good smelling fumes around you. Simply get some band aids, and put some essential oil drops onto the pad. Stick them onto a fan, around 4 should be more than enough and enjoy your new aroma filled room.

Untying an Impossible Knot

Sometimes it feels like shoe laces just won’t untie no matter what you do. To save yourself the hassle, simply get a pair of hair pins and slip them through the knots and use them to untie, and untangle the laces.

Homemade Egg Beater

If you want a simple to make egg whisker at home, you can easily create one with an electronic fan, some chopsticks, and some hot glue. Simply put glue onto the blades of the fan, and then stick the chopsticks onto each blade. You now have an automatic egg whisker.

Easy Tablet/ Phone Holder

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you are watching content on your phone but your arms get tired holding the phone up? Well if you have a glass table, you can simply put your phone/tablet on top of it and watch your content from underneath the table. You can also lie down while watching!

Fast Food Carrying Hack

Having trouble carrying your burger, drink, and fries? Simply open up your burger box, set it on top of your drink, and put all your fries onto the other side of the box. You can now easily carry it with one hand.

Unlocking a Pushcart

If you find yourself needing to get a shopping cart but find out that you do not have a coin to unlock it with, you can simply use the backside of a key and use it to unlock the cart. Just make sure to get back again, you don’t want to forget your key!

Disturbing Hair while Eating

Does your hair get in the way while you are eating? It is definitely a common problem, especially if you have very long hair. You can use a shirt and put it over your head to keep your hair away from your food.

Easy Trick to Fool Your Children to Drink Medicine

Children often don’t want to drink medicine, even if they really need to. To fool your child to drink their medicine, get an empty juice box and cut a hole in it, to fit the medicine cup. Put the medicine cup inside the juice box, make sure that the straw reaches the medicine, and then hold the juice box while your child drinks the medicine.

Anti-lose Lip Balm

If you always somehow lose your lip balm, a simple trick you can do is drill a hole onto the bottom part of the lip balm, just make sure that it doesn’t reach the actual container, and then put it onto a keychain with your keys.

Ran Out of Chips?

Did you run out of chips but you are still craving for more? You can just grab a sweet potato, cut it up into thin circles, and then throw them into the toaster. You can also add some salt and pepper according to your own preference

Easy Print T-Shirt

To print and give a new style to your plain shirt, lay it down flat on a table, put a sheet of plastic wrap on top, put the logo/design you want to be printed on the shirt, put another sheet of plastic wrap, and then put a sheet of wax paper. Use a flat iron to heat up the logo and make sure to press down on it. Remove everything, and if you did it right, you should now have a printed shirt.

Another Homemade Phone Holder

Another simple to create and use phone holder, just use a scrunchie to hold it against your knee. A very quick and easy to use phone holder, almost anyone can create.

Iron Stained Shirt Fix

Accidentally stained a shirt with an iron? Don’t worry just grab a paper towel, some peroxide and you can fix it really quick. Just simply put the peroxide onto the paper towel and lay it flat onto the stain, and run the iron against it.

Pantyhose Wrinkles

To remove some wrinkles on your pantyhose, simply just rub over and put a little force. The wrinkles should eventually even out.

Dirty Bra

Do you have a yellowish and dirty bra? A quick way to restore it to its natural and original color is to put it into a container filled with water, and then put some boric acid, and mix it all up. Leave it for around 2 hours, and your bra should look good as new.

Shirt Covered in Lint

If you find yourself wearing a shirt covered in lint and other fabric that was accumulated when it was washed, a simple and easy way to collect and remove the lint is to use a hair roller / hair curler. Simply run it over the area covered in lint and it should collect most, if not all of the dirt.

Hacks for a Shirt that Lost its Color

It’s common and annoying for a shirt to lose its color when time goes by. A simple fix to bring back the original color is to wash the shirt with some washing powder and some salt. This should bring back your shirt to its original color and be bright and shiny once again.

Trick to Fix an Old and Stained Shirt

Do you have an old and stained shirt lying around? Well a simple trick to fix it is to grate some laundry soap into a container with water, put in a few drops of potassium permanganate, put in the shirt and mix it up well. Let it sit for about 2 hours, and your shirt should look good as new.

Prickly Sweater Hack

Do you have a prickly and itchy swearer on hand? A quick way to remove the itch is to put some hair conditioner into a container with water mix it up, and put in your sweater. Let it sit for around 2 hours and your sweater should be itch free.

Easily Remove Make-up Stains on your Shirt

A Quick way to remove make-up stains on your shirt is to simply use some shaving cream. Simply put some shaving cream on to the make-up stain, get a toothbrush and brush it in so that the shaving cream settles in, and then get a paper towel to wipe it all off.

Stinky Shoe Fix

If your shoes stink and you want to get rid of the smell, simply put it inside a sealable plastic bag, put it in the freezer and leave it for around 2 hours, and your shoes should smell good as new.