Have you ever stopped and wondered what the life of Vice City’s protagonist is like? Learn more about Tommy Vercetti and his past.

Tommy Vercetti is the protagonist of the popular GTA game Vice City. He is the character that the player controls and you will get to see and experience how Tommy’s life in Vice City unfolds. Tommy wasn’t always what he is in the game. Events in his past led him to live the way he is portrayed in Vice City.

Spoiler warning.


Tommy Vercetti is an Italian-American man who is tall, has light brown skin, and neat brownish hair. He is usually seen wearing a blue and green Hawaiian polo paired with blue jeans and white shoes. If you look at him closer, you will see that he is wearing a white bead necklace.



During the events of GTA: Vice City, Tommy Vercetti becomes associated with several different groups. At the beginning of the game, he is employed under Sonny Forelli, a crime family that originates in Liberty City.

Later in the game, Tommy works under the guidance of Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez. Cortez suspects that Vice City’s local drug Kingpin, Ricardo Diaz, was behind the ambush that caused Tommy to lose all of Sonny Forelli’s money and drugs.

Tommy then aligned himself with Ricardo Diaz, the local drug kingpin, to further investigate him from the inside. Tommy eventually kills Diaz and takes ownership of Diaz’s mansion. The mansion is where Tommy organized the Vercetti Crime Family where he is the leader.



Tommy was born in Liberty City with his father and mother in 1951. Though not much is known about his parents, it is said that Tommy had a bad relationship with his mother. His father, on the other hand, was somehow close to Tommy. His father worked in a printing shop where Tommy used to help clean the rollers with him. Tommy always dreamt of following his father’s footsteps.

Some time in the 1970s, Tommy joined the ranks of the Forelli Crime Family. Tommy quickly moved up the ranks of the group and Sonny–the leader of the Forelli Crime Family, wary of his rise to power, set up an ambush to kill Tommy. Unfortunately for Sonny, Tommy manages to survive and kill all 11 men sent to kill him.

This incident led to Tommy’s arrest and he was sentenced to death for the murders. Tommy remained incarcerated for 15 long years. In 1986, Tommy was

finally released from prison when Sonny somehow pulled some strings for his release.

Sonny sent Tommy to Vice City to oversee a drug deal as Sonny plans to expand his trade. In Vice City, Tommy meets with the corrupted lawyer Ken Rosenberg and his associates. Before the drug deal could even begin, they were ambushed and Tommy barely escapes, losing all of Sonny’s money and drugs in the process. Ken managed to escape the attack as well.

Tommy informs Sonny of what transpired and Sonny made it clear to Tommy that he wants his drugs and money back. Tommy then begins his search for the mastermind behind the ambush. He started to work for Ken, the other survivor of the ambush. Tommy meets and teams up with Lance Vance, brother of Vic Vance who was killed in the ambush as well.

Tommy eventually worked for Juan Cortez. Cortez believes that Ricardo Diaz, Vice City’s local drug kingpin, was behind the ambush. With this lead, Tommy sets out to investigate by working under Diaz himself. He was taken in as protection in a drug deal with the Cubans.

Lance eventually tries to kill Diaz as revenge for his brother’s death. Lance gets captured and was later freed by Tommy. They then went on to take revenge on Diaz, killing him in his mansion.


With Diaz’s death, Tommy rose up as a formidable adversary and started to organize his own group, the Vercetti Crime Family. Tommy ends up owning most of the assets in Vice City. Upon learning of Tommy’s success, Sonny decides to tax

Tommy’s businesses. Tommy refuses to pay and Sonny sends an elite group of his men to force Tommy to give in to his demands.

Tommy ends up killing Sonny’s men where he learned that Sonny was responsible for the ambush 15 years prior that led to his arrest and prison sentence. He also learns that Lance has been secretly working for Sonny, giving him information about his movements.

Tommy subsequently kills Lance upon learning of his betrayal. Sonny confronts Tommy in his mansion where Tommy ends up killing Sonny as well.

In Conclusion

Playing as the protagonist of Vice City is not always rainbows and butterflies. You will have to deal with trust, betrayal, death, and power. Learning about the life of Tommy Vercetti gives you a glimpse of his past and gives you an idea why he ends up the way he is.

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