Life has become so tough that every now and then people need to have tricks that save their time and effort. While these tricks are simply called life hacks, some of them are great to save your precious time and make things a lot easier. Some genius life hacks are entitled in this segment which could be easily carried out with simple elements in our daily life. You are recommended to try some of these.

Cleaning your mattresses

While cleaning your mattresses might be something which is very necessary, however, due to several factors, cleaning it might become very difficult. Particles such as paper scraps and plastics are not easy to pick up with a normal brush or broom stick. These scraps might be sticking in your mattresses for a long and thus look unclean.

A simple hack to get rid of this problem is to stick a transparent tape at the end of your cleaning brush. By doing this, you can make sure that all the scraps such as pieces of paper and plastic are cleaned effectively and thus, leaving behind a clean mattress.

Working with water pipes

Pipelines which are supposed to lead the waste water out from your bathroom or kitchen play a crucial role in keeping your home clean. However, sometimes, due to excess pressure of the flowing water, these light pipes get unbalanced and thus water spills out from the other end of the tube.

A quick fix for this trouble would need an introduction of a plastic water bottle, preferably a used packaged drinking water bottle. Place the end of the pipe at the side of the plastic bottle and mark the circumference of the pipe. Now, cut out the part which you have marked and as a result you would end up with a bottle with a hole, which could effectively fit the end of the pipe. Now place the plastic bottle in the mouth of the sewer upside down, and let the end of the pipe through the hole you have made in that bottle. You could notice that even when there is a greater water pressure inside the pipe, it would not move from its place.

The disgust with toilet seats

We could all agree with the fact that toilets are not the most hygienic places. Moreover the toilet seat, which is home to numerous bacteria and germs is disgusting to touch with bare hands.

A simple fix that could work wonderfully would require just a random plastic teaspoon. All you would need to do is cut out the holding part of the plastic teaspoon, so that you are left with a generic plastic stick of fair size. Now, stick this cut out part underneath your toilet seat and let dry. After you are done with this, you would no longer require to touch the toilet seat and pick it up for using it, with your bare hands.

A better way to unbox your goods

While this might be of more use to the people who deal with packaging stuff, however, this is a delightful lifesaving hack after all. The way we receive boxes of goods in our home and other places, the procedure to get the good out gets very clumsy. Moreover, if you do not carry a pocket knife or a sharp tool, you might have a very hard time to open the box. At times, the unboxing gets so clumsy and lumbering that the actual product contained in the box is harmed.

An easy fix to solve the trouble would require you just a piece of thread. While, the package is being taped, make sure to put a piece of thread in the middle and then tape the box over the thread. Make sure to keep hanging end of the thread from at least one side of the box. Now, the person receiving the box just needs to pull out the thread along the part that has been taped to unbox their goods.

Getting rid of lipstick marks from clothes

Sometimes, it gets very difficult to get rid of a lipstick mark from your clothes. An easy way to solve the problem would require you a hairspray. Since hairsprays have a high alcohol content the marks would vanish upon its use. Make sure to rub it in regular soap water to get the former texture back.