It is not always possible to have all the perfect things at hand at the desired moment, and one has to implement some innovative ideas to cope with the situations. It is best to try some simple hacks to fight with awkward situations and be comfortable.

Mask making

Often one needs to get protected from the dust or the viruses from the coughs of others. If you do not have a mask with you, use a paper napkin, rubber band, and stapler to make a quick wear mask. Make reverse folds that one used to make paper fans in childhood time and then staple to rubber bands at both ends after folding them a bit. Now pull alongside the middle, and you have an innovative paper mask to wear.

Cooking instant noodles

Instant noodle is always a hit with people who want to have quick filler. However, it is not possible to carry a bowl at the workplace or office. Take a round paper plate. Hold at one point and give a small twist. Insert a plastic fork in the twisted corner. Now twist the plate equidistantly again. Insert another plastic fork to bind the end. Likewise, give twists to another two points and insert the prongs. Your square bowl is ready to keep the instant noodle in it and pour hot water to get an exact dip for making the tasty filler.

Stay hot in winter

If you have long hairs, the woolen caps you wear often fly off the ears due to less friction or less elastic. Wear a woolen cap; cover your ears so that the body becomes warm. Now to avoid exposing the ears, take a hair clip and pass it through the pores of the woolen cap and fasten it with your hair. Your cap will no longer fly away, and you can avoid the cold air and stay hot in winter.

Turn a torch to a lantern

If you are camping or there is a power cut, it is time to use a flashlight. But it only throws light in a beam and only falls on a specific area. If you want to scatter the light uniformly inside the tent or the room, put a bottle filled with water on the lens of the torch and then cover it with a translucent plastic bag. Turn the flashlight to a lantern and get the light refracted to all parts of the area and have a better view.

Make a raincoat

Take a plastic waste bag. Make a rectangular cut on the closed side, keeping one end large and another end small. Now cut at the one side vertically, and your ready to wear raincoat is complete with even the fasteners. Cover your head and body wearing it and tying knots with the straps and dare the rain.

Makeshift shoes

If you are wearing socks and feel that you are slipping on the floor, take two pieces of cardboard, and make rectangular cuts at the ends, keeping space in the middle. You will come up with a cross sign after the cut. Now fold the broadsides as if you are making a box. Glue the ends. Take the longer side and glue it on the top of the broad closed side, leaving the short side open. Your alternative footwear is ready.

Easy diaper making

If you have run out of a diaper for your baby, take a small square plastic bag. Cut the ends of the loops. Now cut through the middle of one part of the bag. Place a sanitary napkin in the middle of the uncut side. Place your baby on it and use the loops with the ends cut to tie knots at the waist level. Your instant diaper is ready.

Make flip flops with panty liners

Even if you had forgotten your flip flops during vacation, try the hack of making it with panty liners. Take one panty liner. Keep it on the floor and put your foot on it lengthwise. Now take another panty liner. Catch hold of the middle end of the panty liner where you have kept your feet lengthwise. Attach the other panty liner breadth-wise with the glues on the wings at both ends, and your flip flops are ready, and take a shower without any uncanny feeling.