Looking for the best landing spots in Fortnite Battle Royale? If you’re new, then finding this stuff out can be hard. Here’s our guide on where to land in Fortnite.

When it comes to starting a game on Fortnite, the most important thing to consider as soon as you jump out of the flying party bus is: where the hell should I land? The reason for this being that some areas have better weapons than others and this could obviously give you an advantage. That being said, those areas are more popular landing spots that are better known to the more experienced players who will likely be much better at the game than you are.

Landing in Fortnite is a mix of knowing where to get good loot, while also considering how much you want to be involved in a crowded and bloody free-for-all deathmatch right from the get-go. You might prefer to land somewhere more remote where the loot isn’t as good, but your chances of being wasted in the early rounds of the game are much lower.

When to jump

Knowing when to jump is an important part of choosing where to land. You can’t just glide around up there forever, so picking your jump location wisely is a good move. Also, you’ll have to decide if you want to jump early on with everyone else, or wait for a later jump somewhere further up the map where people aren’t going to be such a common sight and you can focus on making a fortress and collecting some loot in relative peace.

The bus always starts flying in from the Eastern shores of the island, so the further west you go in the beginning, the less chance you have of seeing other players.

That being said, there is sense in jumping out of the bus as soon as possible so that you hit the ground quicker and thus have a head start against other players. This makes particular sense if you’re playing in a group. If you’re single-player, then you might want that quiet time early on, but groups who are working together and have each other’s backs will have an easier time dealing with any opponents that come their way throughout the early stages in more populated landing zones.

Control your parachute

Be careful that you don’t jump down over high areas like hills and mountains. You parachute automatically opens when you’re a certain distance from the ground, so if you jump out of the place over a mountain then you risk it deploying too early and then your enemies can hit the ground first and see exactly where you’re heading to. They know you’ll be unarmed and you’ll be an easy kill early in the game.

Try to aim for bodies of water and then deploy your chute before you get to where you want to be so that you can land quicker than if you were just slowly sailing down over your target zone.

Best landing spots for Fortnite

Now that you’ve got the jump and the parachute business sorted, let’s look at where you’ll actually want to land to ensure that you can get some good weapons and armor early on in the game.

The Moisty Mire

If you’re coming into the map from the south-east, then you’ll do well to aim for the Moisty Mire. This swampy area is slow to move through, which generally puts most players off landing there. It’s a great spot to build a fort and then pick off anyone who tries to come near you. You can also find several crates of gear close to a tower of stacked up cars. This spot is quiet and is ideal for beginners to land in.

The watchtower

If you’re coming in from the north-west corner of the map, then head north of the Wailing Woods and you’ll find an old watchtower. The spot is full of loot – and there is more in an ice-cream truck nearby. It’s also a pretty out-of-the-way spot that isn’t frequented by many other players. If you’re looking for an easy starting point, then this is a good shout.

The motel full of loot

Right in the middle of the top of the map is a motel. It’s just west of Anarchy Acres and it’s rammed full of loot. You can land here to get as much loot as needed and then you’ll be set up for a decent chance at surviving until the later stages of the game. As with any building-landing, try to land on the roof and then break your way down into the top of the building – this way it’s easier to grab the loot. Bear in mind that this isn’t exactly a secret location and you’ll probably be meeting some other opportunists along the way.

Snobby Shores

Located in the far west of the island – and far away from the starting point of the bus – Snobby Shores is a location that will guarantee you a slow and peaceful start to the game. There are several houses in the area, so try to land on top of one, break into the loft and then search the whole house for loot. Starting in this area is easy and recommended for beginners.

Tomato Town

This is a good spot to land – and a popular one. The bus usually flies over nearby and many people flock here to grab loot and partake in an early bloodbath. You can aim south of the town and find a hidden tunnel where the two roads leading out of town cross over. In the tunnel is a hell of a lot of loot. Grab it and then get into town and take out the competition. Note that this isn’t recommended for those with little experience.

The wrap-up

Wherever you choose to land, always make sure that you’re covering your back and try not to camp anywhere for too long. Fortnite isn’t really built for camping like PUBG was and you’ll generally just get taken out if you do this. Most of all, enjoy!