One of the darkest, goriest horror film sagas is now available on Android. Can you outsmart the Xenomorph? Find out more in this review.

Alien, the much-loved thriller/horror genre that exists in the same universe as the epic Predator, now has a mobile rendition that promises to induce fear in the hearts of men.

The subject of every Alien movie, the Xenomorph, is on board your ship during a blackout. As it tirelessly hunts you down, what will you do to survive?

If you’ve every watched the Alien movies, you’ll know the Xenomorph is the perfect hunter. Years of evolution have allowed it to develop instincts sharp as a tac, and more importantly, a palate for human flesh. They’re unpredictable, volatile, and prone to laying eggs in people’s chests.

The Alien movies went on to become part of a bigger, richer universe. Prometheus and Covenant gave us a dark yet riveting insight into the backstory of humans and Xenomorphs alike, making us question who the true enemy was.

So how does Alien: Blackout stand up?

The dark path of least resistance

Here’s the premise – attempt to outwit, outsmart and survive by using the ships damaged controls before the blackout comes and it’s too late. You may have to sacrifice your crew members, or perhaps all you can do is hide.

Either way, the thing we love most about this game is the multiple paths one can take. Each of which will alter the game and provide a different outcome. Much like the strangely genius Bandersnatch, each decision creates a long-term ripple in the timeline.

Choosing the right path of least resistance is vital to survival and not having the absolute shit scared out of you. The game is creepy in its own right and could hold a candle to Slenderman (albeit it a small dwindling flame).

How it goes

Take part in 7 levels and use the ships dying resources to operate CCTV and holographic maps to track the Alien. You must protect your crew at all costs, but if one needs to be sacrificed for the greater good then so be it.

Just remember that doing so will alter the game significantly and produce a different outcome.

This truly allows the Alien Saga to come to life on your Android device. The game will cost you a couple of dollars on the Play Store, but is a worthwhile investment if you’re a fan of the franchise. With only 10,000 downloads, it has garnered its fair share of loyal fans.


Thanks to its engaging story, Alien: Blackout comes highly recommended by the whole team. The atmosphere is well set, and the experience is as immersive as it is suspenseful.

Don’t believe me? Play it in a dark room with headphones on and try not to soil your pants.